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一、舍不得你,但路还是要走下去,前面也许有一片更旖旎的风光。抹乾眼泪,我走我的路,如果你曾是那么值得爱,我会永远怀念你,谢谢你陪我走了一程。如果你不值得,我会把你抖落,当作从来没有认识你,你是我年少无知所犯下的最愚蠢的错误。I hate you, but the road is still to go on, there may be a more beautiful scenery ahead. Wipe away tears, I walk my way, if you were so lovely, I will always miss you, thank you for accompanying me on a journey. If you're not worth it, I'll shake you off as if I never knew you. You're the stupidest mistake I ever made when I was young and ignorant.

二、人生在世,总要承担点责任或者找点寄托。所以有人在养父母妻儿,有人养猫养狗养鸟养鱼,有人养花草。我比较高级,闭上眼睛就开始养神。When you are alive, you have to take some responsibility or find some place to put your trust in. So some people are raising their parents, wives and children, cats, dogs, birds, fish, flowers and plants. I am more advanced, close my eyes and begin to refresh.

三、任何选择,都意味着放弃另一些东西。无论你怎么选,都难免会有遗憾。没有什么办法能够让你能完全弥补遗憾,做到十全十美。所以,与其把时间花费在遗憾和淡淡的忧伤上,不如全心全力走好已经选择的路,不去羡慕其它路上的风景和繁华。否则,你一定会后悔的。Any choice means giving up something else. No matter how you choose, you will inevitably have regrets. There's no way you can make up for your regrets and be perfect. Therefore, instead of spending time on regret and light sadness, we should try our best to take the road we have chosen and not envy the scenery and prosperity of other roads. Otherwise, you will regret it.

四、如果我能够看到自己的背影,我想它一定很忧伤,因为我把快乐都留在了前面。我可以承认,我真的很想念以前的样子,但是同时,我也已经接受了一切变了这个事实。If I can see my back, I think it must be very sad, because I have left happiness in front. I can admit that I really miss what I used to be, but at the same time, I have accepted that everything has changed this fact.

五、与其花时间想究竟要找个啥样的人,不如先想明白什么样的自己才会被爱情遇上。最好的爱不是对方有多好,而是因为爱上一个人自己变得更可爱。It's better to figure out what kind of person you're going to be in love with than to spend time thinking about who you're going to find. The best love is not how good the other person is, but because falling in love with a person becomes more lovely.

六、不要去羡慕别人所拥有的幸福。你以为你没有的,可能在来的路上;你以为她拥有的,可能在去的途中。有的人对你好,是因为你对他好;有的人对你好,是因为懂得你的好!成熟不是心变老,而是眼泪在眼睛里打转,我们却还能保持微笑;总会有一次流泪,让我们瞬间长大。Don't envy the happiness of others. You think what you don't have may be on the way; what you think she has may be on the way. Some people are good to you because you are good to him; others are good to you because they understand your good!

Maturity is not about the heart getting old, but about the tears in our eyes, we can still 郑州月嫂 keep smiling; there will always be a tear, let us grow up in an instant.

七、但是,再坚强的人也会有支撑不住的时候;即使习惯了独自硬撑,也依然渴望有人诉说所有心情。有些人,时隔多年不见,再见面还是会心动。有些情,埋葬得再深,每每提及心中都会隐隐作痛。However, no matter how strong a person is, he will not be able to support himself; even if he is used to supporting himself alone, he still longs for someone to tell him all his feelings. Some people, after years of absence, meet again or heart-warming. Some feelings, buried deep, every mention of the heart will be dull pain.

八、你终要为自己去奋斗,而不再是为了谁。如果你自己首先不能让自己更好起来,更结实起来,更强壮起来,那么在往后的日子里你一定会被无情的打倒,並且波及到你所爱的人。所以,尽可能地去抓住每个能让自己成长的机会,儘管你在每个当下都看不到未来到底会变成什么模样,也别说你遇不到,这世界最不缺乏的就是磨练自我的机会了。You have to fight for yourself, not for whom. If you can't make yourself better, stronger and stronger in the first place, you'll be ruthlessly knocked down 郑州家政 in the days to come and reach the people you love.

So, try to seize every opportunity that can make you grow up. Although you can't see what the future will look like in every moment, let alone what you can't meet, what the world lacks most is the opportunity to train yourself.

九、不要因别人的经历,而对爱情失去信心。甚至不要因自己从前的厄运,而不再相信爱情。因为对每个人而言,别人过得怎样,其实都是毫无借鉴意义。只要你的爱人还在,那么爱情也就是真的存在。Don't lose faith in love because of the experience of others. Don't even believe in love because of your past misfortune. Because for everyone, how others are doing is meaningless. As long as your lover is still alive, then love really exists.

十、一眼,一念,一生情痴。都知道爱让人肝肠寸断,痛切心扉。多少红尘男女依旧虔诚的将一份爱供养,渴望在茫茫红尘里邂逅一个心灵的知音,共同谱写一首红尘恋曲。多少人明知道流水落花,分付东西,仍心甘情愿的去做扑火的飞蛾。One eye, one thought, one lifetime love. We all know that love breaks our hearts and hearts. How many Red Dust men and women are still devout to support a love, eager to meet a soul friend in the vast Red Dust, and compose a Red Dust love song together. How many people are willing to be moths to put out fires even though they know the water is falling and they pay for things.

十一、 有时候,人与人之间,会因为经历、背景、阅历、不同文化等而产生误解甚至冲突,心怀善意,努力化解,化解不了,避而远之,就行了。专注于那些好的、向上的、积极的、真心关怀自己的,而不是相反的那些。Sometimes, misunderstandings and even conflicts arise between people because of their experiences, backgrounds, experiences and different cultures. With goodwill, we try to resolve them, but we can't understand them. We just keep away from them. Focus on those who are good, upward, positive and genuinely concerned about themselves, not the opposite.

十二、每一杯普通的水,和喜欢的人在一起就会变成雪碧,他的胳膊轻轻和你碰到,你心里的气泡就滋儿的一下冲到嗓子,甜呀,还亮晶晶的,好像刚喝下了整个银河。Every cup of ordinary water, together with the person you like, will become Sprite. His arm touches you gently, and the bubbles in your heart rush to your throat, sweet and shiny, as if you had just drunk the whole galaxy.

十三、一路走来,我不优秀。但我善良不虚伪。我有话直来直去。做事坦坦荡荡。我不聪明。但我肯定不傻。很多事,我都能看明白。只是不想说而已。因为人太聪明了会很累。有时糊涂一些更快乐。Along the way, I am not good. But I am kind and not hypocritical. I have a straight line. Do things openly and frankly. I'm not smart. But I'm certainly not silly. I can see many things. I just don't want to talk about it. Because people are too smart and tired. Sometimes it's happier to be confused.

十四、怕什么路途遥远。走一步有一步的风景,进一步有一步的欢喜。幸福,在路上。人生和电影不同,人生辛苦多了。如果你不出去走走,你就会以为这就是全世界。I'm afraid it's a long way to go. Step by step scenery, step by step joy. Happiness is on the way. Life is different from movies. Life is much harder. If you don't go out for a walk, you will think that this is the world.

十五、 年少时和在乎的人分开,嘴上总免不了抱怨和撂狠话,才能让自己走的死心,不后悔。等后来有了一点点年纪,懂得了好聚好散,各安其名的道理,便开始悔恨当初的恶言相向。人大概就是这样吧,年轻的时候总喜欢把不舍放心里,把狠话撂嘴上,等后来懂得了包容和理解,却又遇不到几个可以放在心里的人了。When you are young and care about people separated, you can't help complaining and harsh words, in order to let your heart go without regret. Later, with a little age, and understanding the truth of good gathering, good dispersing, and good reputation, they began to regret the original vicious words. Maybe that's the way people are.

When they are young, they always like to put their hearts down and pour their harsh words on their mouths. Later, they understand tolerance and understanding, but they can't meet a few people who can put them in their hearts.

十六、人生是自己的,不要活在别人的眼神和口水里。不是所有的言论都需要别人理解,不是所有的选择都需要别人支持。Life is your own, don't live in other people's eyes and saliva. Not all words need to be understood, not all choices need support.

十七、一个人身边的位置只有那么多,你能给的也只有那么多,在这个狭小的圈子里,有些人要进来,就有一些人不得不离开。该走的人迟早会走,与其费力勒紧手里的线,不如等风来的时候就放手,我们不能总为不值得的人流太多眼泪。There are only so many places around a person and so many things you can give. In this narrow circle, some people have to leave if they want to enter. Sooner or later, the person who should go will go. Instead of tightening the line in his hand, let go when the wind comes. We can't always shed too many tears for the unworthy.

十八、我喜欢握住你的手心,让你感受彼此爱情的温馨,我喜欢住在你的心里,让你感受我的忠贞不渝,我喜欢直视你的眼睛,让你感受到我的似水柔情。I like to hold your hand, let you feel the warmth of each other's love, I like to live in your heart, let you feel my loyalty, I like to look into your eyes, let you feel my tenderness like water.

十九、真正的意义总是慢慢浮现,好的东西总是姗姗来迟。想要得到长远的意义就要学会忍耐眼前的辛苦,要跟最喜欢的人在一起就要学会不将就,想要走得更远就要敢于在途中停下来。我们有了一点智慧,才明白人生重要的不是向前冲,而是沉住气!True meaning always comes slowly, and good things always come late. In order to achieve long-term significance, we must learn to endure the hard work in front of us, to be with our favorite people, we must learn not to settle down, and to go further, we must dare to stop on the way. We have a little wisdom to understand that the important thing in life is not to rush forward, but to calm down!

二十、 后来你不再逢人就掏心掏肺,你开始计较起付出和回报是不是成正比,在意那个人值不值得。在很多人眼里,你变得很成熟也很自私,好消息是你懂得了爱自己,坏消息是你很难再去爱别人。Later, when you stop pouring out your heart and soul when you meet someone, you start to wonder whether the amount you pay is directly proportional to the return, and whether the person is worth it or not. In many people's eyes, you become very mature and selfish. The good news is that you know how to love yourself. The bad news is that it's hard to love others again.

二十一、燃一丝清香,煮一壶淡茶,忘一场红尘念。如果陪我到最后的人是你,那么以前经历过的苦难、伤痛和绝望,都显得不再重要,你可以不用成为我生命中的阳光,但你一定是我的归宿。Burn a fragrance, boil a pot of light tea, forget a red dust. If the last person to accompany me is you, then the suffering, pain and despair that I have experienced before are no longer important. You can not be the sunshine in my life, but you must be my destination.

二十二、活着,要走自己的路,坚持自己的生活,普通的日子,不嫌弃;平凡的生活,不抱怨。活得安安稳稳,内心坦荡。To live, we must walk our own way, adhere to our own life, ordinary days, do not abandon; ordinary life, do not complain. Live in peace and quiet, open-minded.